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Public Data


GIS data files are available for download. File names and descriptions are listed below. GIS Parcel data is updated on this website quarterly. The last update is July 2015. A file compression utility (WinZip or PKZip ) is needed to extract the files from the executable file (.exe) after it is saved to your computer.

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GIS Files (Next update: October 2015)

       Download all  files:  GIS_Public.exe (Download size: 658 MB; Extract Size: 1.8 GB)

File Name File Description Download Download Size Extract Size
Abstract.shp Contains abstract polygons Abstract.exe

 2.0 MB

 3.7 MB

City.shp Contains city polygons City.exe

 1.3 MB

2.1 MB

College.shp Contains college polygons College.exe

 1.2 MB

2.0 MB

County.shp Contains Harris county polygon County.exe

 0.9 MB

1.5 MB

Easement.shp Contains easement lines (Easement type description) Easement.exe

 6.8 MB

18.0 MB

Easement Name.shp Contains easement names Easement_name.exe

 0.6 MB

3.8 MB

Emergency.shp Contains emergency polygons Emergency.exe

 0.9 MB

1.5 MB

Facet.shp Contains facet polygons Facet.exe

 0.2 MB

0.4 MB

Fire.shp Contains fire polygons Fire.exe

 1.0 MB

1.5 MB

Hwy.shp Contains highway lines Hwy.exe

 0.1 MB


Parcels.shp Contains parcel polygons and HCAD account number of real property (More details) Parcels.exe

 368.4 MB

1.1 GB

Row_anno.shp Contains right-of-way text Row_anno.exe

 6.3 MB

32.5 MB

Row Line.shp Contain right-of-way line Row_line.exe

275.7 MB

685.5 MB

School.shp Contains school polygons School.exe

 2.7 MB

4.6 MB

Special.shp Contains special district polygons Special.exe

 0.8 MB

1.3 MB

TIRZ.shp Contains TIRZ polygons TIRZ.exe

 1.9 MB

3.6 MB

Utility.shp Contains utility polygons Utility.exe

 2.8 MB

4.7 MB

Water District.shp Contains water district polygons Water_district.exe

 0.5 MB

0.7 MB

Prior Year Parcel Shapefiles

File Name File Description Download Download Size Extract Size
Parcels_2014_Oct.shp Parcel polygons of October, 2014 Parcels_2014_Oct.exe

368 MB

1.1 GB

Parcels_2013_Oct.shp Parcel polygons of October, 2013 Parcels_2013_Oct.exe

307 MB

971 MB

Parcels_2012_Oct.shp Parcel polygons of October, 2012 Parcels_2012_Oct.exe

319 MB

985 MB

Parcels_2011_Oct.shp Parcel polygons of October, 2011 Parcels_2011_Oct.exe

310 MB

832 MB

Parcels_2010_Oct.shp Parcel polygons of October, 2010 Parcels_2010_Oct.exe

309 MB

785 MB


The files contained on this page or from the CD purchased at our front counters are in ESRIís shapefile format.  You can use any of the ESRIís ArcGIS products, including the ArcGIS Explorer Desktop 2505 are free applications to read/open our shapefiles.  Some of the free ESRI applications require you to register with ESRI for more information please see ESRI website at http://www.esri.com

You can download the free ArcGIS Explorer desktop from the link below: