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Public Data

Using HCAD's Public Data
HCAD's data files are available to users for import into other applications.  Some of the ASCII tab-delimited text files are complex and most of the files are very large.  Download times can be excessive and should not be attempted with a slower internet connection.  A file compression utility (WinZip or PKZip) is needed to extract the files. 

Documentation and Instructions
The data is provided in ASCII tab-delimited text files and will need to be formatted for use in a database. We have provided empty Microsoft Access tables along with instructions on how to import the data.  HCAD does not provide technical support for the usage of this data or with Microsoft Access.

Resources and Links
The Comptroller of Public Accounts: Texas Property Tax.

Public Data CDs
Public Data is also available on a DVD, which can be purchased for $3.00 (if mailed, include an additional cost of $2.00 for postage/handling totaling $5.00). This DVD will include the Text file as well as the GIS shape file.
HCAD accepts cash, check or money order only. Make checks payable to HCAD, and mail to Attn:
Lindsey Kane - I & A Division PO BOX 922004 Houston TX 77292-2004. 

Pdata Timetable
 Current Year  January  All Values Pending - Real and Personal
 April  Preliminary Values - Real
 May (Tentatively)  Preliminary Values - ARB Hearings
 June (Tentatively)  Preliminary Values - Personal
 May thru August  Preliminary Values are updated Weekly
 Mid August  Certified Values
 Prior Years  Certified Values are updated Monthly

All General questions about public data can be directed to help@hcad.org.